How Many Protein Waters a Day?

How many protein waters a day should one drink is a question asked by nearly every other guy who uses them. Many people think that there are only specific times to take protein supplements and that’s why they always search for the answer to this question that what is the exact amount of protein waters to drink in a day.

First thing which you should understand is that protein waters are not the only source of protein for your body. Every other food has some percentage of protein which your body extracts during digestion process. clear protein drinks are the extra protein or to fulfill the percentage of protein lost during any exercise. You can also keep a record of your protein water diet and food consumed to track the difference made by them.

There second most important thing you need to know is the amount of protein your body needs as it may vary from one person to other. A general rule defined by most of the nutritionists is 1 to 1.5 grams of protein for every lb of your body mass. So you must calculate it according to your weight.

clear protein drinks
clear protein drinks

Once you have calculated how much protein your body needs in a day than you should know that how much of the percentage of protein is coming from your daily normal routine diet. For example if your body require 260 grams of protein a day and the food you eat contains 180 grams of protein than you know that you need about 80 grams of protein therefore you can take them three times a day. One shake at mid morning, one at lunch and the last one just after the workout.

Always be careful about the amount of protein waters you take daily and be sure you don’t have to take more than 4 protein waters a day to fill the amount of protein. You must eat enough food for the basic requirement of protein by your body unless you are losing weight through use of protein waters than you may increase the number of protein waters per day.