Why Should I Choose XL Center Tickets Over Other Companies? – Part1


XL Center Tickets is a small, family owned business so you can be assured that you’ll get fast support and you’ll know the name of the person you’re calling or emailing if you need support or have a question. Our system features rival those of the larger, more expensive companies but our costs are much lower because we strive to reduce overhead and focus on running the best, web-based ticketing and fulfillment system available. XL center tickets online is a division of Sanctuary Media group and we have a long history of developing web-based applications and websites so we have the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done right. Our goal at XL Center Tickets is to design our system to put you in control. Once you signup, the system is completely customizable and available at your fingertips. There is no waiting to configure your account, setup your venue, setup events or to customize your seating, pricing or seating charts. Everything is available to you so you’re in control.

xl center tickets online
xl center tickets online

How much does your service cost?

We simply charge a small service fee that’s applied to each order that can be as low as .25 per ticket*. Your patrons will pay this small fee when they purchase tickets through your store or you can choose to absorb the cost yourself. This fee is in addition to any shipping and handling fees that apply. Generally there are no setup fees but you should review the information on our sign-up page here to get all the details.

* 6 month commitment required. We will honor a period of time for you to try out the system to make sure that you want to make this commitment and lock in at the preferred pricing level.

How do I get my money when someone buys a ticket?

You are always in control of your money. Unlike other services we do not handle credit card processing. We like you to get your money right away and retain control over your finances. Our service includes easy integration of credit card processors among others. If you’d like to discuss custom integration of your current credit card processor please contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss it.

Is there any way you’ll process credit cards for me?

No, we do not currently handle this service.

How does XL Center Tickets get paid?

We charge a small service fee on every order as described above and this covers our costs to run the service. Each month we’ll send you an invoice for the amount required and you can pay by check or credit card. A $20 minimum applies. There are NO hidden fees.

How do my patrons get their tickets?

We have several flexible options available which allow you to choose the service that fits your needs the best. You can mix several options or choose just one. Current options include print-at-home, will call or postal mail. XL Center Tickets will manage all mailing and delivery of your tickets* or you may choose to print your tickets and provide fulfillment through your venue. *A small shipping and handling fee will be applied to the order.