Why Should I Choose XL Center Tickets Over Other Companies? -Part 2



How do you ensure that people don’t duplicate their print-at-home tickets?

The only way to guarantee that a print-at-home ticket has not been duplicated is to provide a unique bar code on each ticket and to scan each individual ticket at the gate to check for validity. This requires expensive wireless scanning equipment, a technical staff, a fast wireless network and wireless routers and repeaters placed throughout your venue.

Print-at-home tickets are ideal for small to mid-sized, reserved seating events. If you have a large general admission event we recommend using our will call system where you can distribute tickets at your event or send your patrons tickets that can be verified as authentic via postal mail. Or, you can simply just choose to trust your patrons. The cost of ensuring that every single ticket is valid far outweighs the fraud that might happen if you’re a small venue or event.

Our experience has shown that scanning tickets slows entry, adds layers of technical complexity, increases costs and in general is overkill because patrons who purchase reserved seating tickets will hardly ever duplicate them. If there is a rare case of fraud it’s easily solved. There will be a conflict at the seating location where the validity of the tickets can be checked by ID and order number at the box office.

For this reason we do not go through the expense of providing bar coded print-at-home tickets and the complex system, staff and expensive equipment necessary to support the scanning process at this time. Our available delivery options guarantee a speedy entry for your patrons and it allows us to keep our costs low.

In closing, if you are concerned about fraud or duplicated tickets at your general admission events we recommend using our will call system, postal mail delivery or simply trusting your patrons. There are also many other companies that provide online XL center box office tickets scanning services at a higher price if you are interested. Experience has shown us that the increased cost and complexity does not justify the effort for reserved seating events because fraud is rare

Can I sell sponsorships?

Yes, our system is setup so you can easily add sponsorship graphics to your print at home tickets and throughout your online store. Advertising on your online store is also tracked so you can provide your advertisers with click-thru data. Yet another way to cover the costs of selling tickets and increase profits.

Can you help me with online marketing?

Yes, our system is setup to gather contact information and email addresses from your patrons. As long as you are a subscriber you can use our unique Subscriber Manager system to build e-marketing campaigns and market future events and special offers to your past patrons. For more information about this part of the service please contact us.

What equipment will I need to provide this service?

Our system is completely web-based so you’ll need a computer and a connection to the internet. If you allow us to print and mail your tickets for you there is no other equipment required. If you choose to print your own tickets you’ll need to rent or purchase an approved ticket printer. Purchase prices start around $1200

Can I setup multiple scenes and events inside a single account?


Does the system provide reporting?

Yes. We provide extensive reporting that can be exported and imported in Excel or Quick books.

Can I reserve seating for media, special visitors, handicapped and comps?

Yes. You can set aside seats or entire sections and print a handy guest list from the system the night of the show.

Can I include an option to ask for donations during checkout?


If I handle the ticket printing and mailing for my event can I include a shipping and handling fee?

Yes. You have complete control to assign shipping and handling fees to your orders. You may also opt to include an additional processing fee even if we’re handling the mailing. This can be used to cover any additional costs related to your venue and to cover our small service fee.

Can I auto-plan events to go on sale on a special date?


Can I auto-schedule a date for discounts to start and stop?


Can I customize the look of my tickets.