What is EMS training?

The EMS training is a machine that send electronic impulses contracting a relaxing the muscles. It allows an individual to work their muscles with little to no effort; the Super Stim does all the work for them. Whether you want to get into shape or just need a relaxing massage an EMS Training can do the trick with a range of multiple settings.

An EMS Training can help rehabilitate injured muscles or contribute to muscle training. It sends electronic impulses to the muscles causing them to expand and contract in a rhythmic motion. This rhythmic motion is similar to those an individual performs when working out or participating in a athletic activity, causing muscles to strengthen and grow. An electric muscle stimulator is also able to penetrate deep within the muscle allowing for maximum results with little effort.

This up-to-date technology allows those who use it to excel, build up their strength, and maintain their hectic day to day lives. It works best for:

  • Serious athletes who want to increase their performance level
  • General fitness enthusiasts who wish to find a new was to get into shape
  • Treating muscle injuries and Stretching and massaging the muscles
  • Stimulating and relaxing muscle fibers, increasing blood flow and muscle mass.

Back pain is still common disease # 1. Young and old are now equally affected. Stress, one-sided stress and neglect of the back muscles are the main causes of the complaints. Over time, the conditions become chronic and mild behavior further enhanced. This is the beginning of the vicious cycle, which leaves those affected increasingly desperate. There is a way out: targeted back training!

EMS training starts where conventional methods fail. Targeted, individually controllable EMS training also activates and strengthens the underlying muscle groups that are difficult or impossible to reach with conventional training. The spine gains in stability, the back is noticeably relieved. Certain muscular imbalances are compensated and the core muscles strengthened – the ideal way to a healthy, strong back.