Parental Alienation Law! What Laws?

Parental Alienation Law? I am a victim of the justice system only because I was the falsely accused targeted parent. You will find that this one-sided favoritism to the alienating parent is common practice! A common practice?? That’s the Parental Alienation Law!

Lawyers on both sides, the Department of Social Services (DSS) “”, and even the Judges often become involved in dishonest bias prejudgment against the targeted parent sometimes even before the first court date! Was there a parental alienation law that could help? I prayed!

In my case, I was accused of beating my wife and 3-year old child for five hours! Truth is that the day after this alleged crime, I got up early to make breakfast for my daughter, Mary, only to find her and y wife dressed and walking out the door. I was told that Mary wanted to go to her day care. Now that was the first red flag I missed! What 3 year old would rather go to class than to spend quality time with a loving father? Mary knew that I had the day off and we had made plans to spend the day together!

I reminded mommy that Mary had a 1:00 appointment with her pediatrician, a normal checkup that I had scheduled. Well, they left and never returned.  By 3:00 I was in a panic after calling the doctor’s office only to get very rude, short, vague responses from the nurse. When I said I was worried about them, I was told I should have thought about that first! What are you saying, I asked only to get hung up on. In hindsight, this was my first experience of being treated guilty, and for what?

I called hospitals, various police departments, friends, relatives in a panic thinking they must be hurt, in a car wreck, kidnapped… killed. My mind was consumed with fear and nobody would help me, especially the local police until they arrived a door. This is when I notice out what had happened.

Mommy had taken Mary to day care and went shopping. She then took Mary to her doctor’s appointment and that’s when it started. Being a narcissist and a sociopath, mommy apparently played the battered wife well, alligator tears and all. Problem was, there were no signs of any abuse, not even a scratch, so they advised her to go to the Ironically mommy did have one sore, a lie blister that I had been helping her treat.

Now, loaded with more information, mommy went to the police and told them about the alleged 5-hour beating she and Mary had suffered the night before. Then she told the police the lie blister was actually where I hit her with my fist. In North Carolina, if there’s ANY possible evidence of domestic violence, the police have to by law arrest you, period!

The police officers were very kind, even told me that they didn’t believe a word she said, but had to follow the letter of the law. When we arrived at the jailhouse, these officers told the jailor “here’s an innocent man, take care of him”, patted me on my back and left. The jailer walked me through and out the back door where another officer was waiting to take me home.

I then called DSS, my biggest mistake, and asked for their help. They sent over one of their “social workers”, told her my story and pleaded for her help. What happened next still chills me to the bone. “Mr. Carney” she says, “Your wife and daughter are in our protective custody, a home for battered wife’s and children, and you should be ashamed of what you did to them! “My jaw dropped, she gave me a dirty look and walked out. I said “but hold on, I thought you were here to help me” as she bang the door behind her…

This was the beginning of Parental Alienation Law where the legal system is undermined and strong bias against me, as the Targeted Parent, started without any justification! But wait, it gets worse! This is when I first started researching 10 years ago and growing. I found myself at war just to get normal visitation but no, because of all the lies, I wasn’t allowed to see Mary for over a year. In that year, I read everything I could on what I found to be called Parental Alienation Syndrome( or PAS in short. I also tried to find out about a parental alienation law and, at that time, could find nothing!

I learned that what Mary and I were going through was very common, a shocking revelation to me. I tried to find out why the alienating parent always has the upper hand, and what I could do to stop any mental problems this would cause Mary to have, being caught in the middle. In the courts, only the divorce attorneys win, period! It’s also a fact that the one with the most money to “buy” the system also wins. In my case, after my attorney bled me dry, he quit leaving me to continue the good fight alone.

Well I soon found out that anyone who represents himself in court has a fool for a lawyer! Now on the other side, mommy not only had DSS on her side, a free and ruthless lawyer supplied by the court, but even the judge. It was so obvious that everyone outside the “buddy” system kept telling me that I was getting railroaded. This included 3-sheriff’s deputies, other attorneys that I couldn’t afford, and even the clerk of courts herself! When the “system” somehow found out, the Clerk was warned to not help me or she would lose her job, one Sargent with the sheriff’s office was told to stop being my friend or else. The Clerk wouldn’t even look at me after that and Sargent Mike told the Sheriff that he could not tell him who he could be friends with, and quit.

In my last court battle I was sure to win without a doubt, I lost. Forget about any parental alienation law; my ex had broken several court orders, lied in court, and even though she had a restraining order on me, she was constantly contacting me. That’s a big violation but guess what! Even though there was solid proof of everything, her attorney somehow managed to get it all thrown out. It was so frustrating to be helpless when all I wanted was to rescue Mary and have normal visitation.

After that last trial, I lost my mind! The last thing I remember was being led to a room because I was crying like a baby. I then remember sitting in my car wondering where I was and then, six days later, I woke up in a mental hospital. I don’t remember anything else but was told that I went about my business, but wouldn’t speak with anyone. The police found me trying to climb a 300 foot tower. When they asked what I was doing, I supposedly told them I wanted to BASE jump (skydive) off the tower and showed them my parachute, then they replied. “But Mr. Carney, that’s not a parachute, that’s just a backpack!”

Somehow I am ashamed to say; I am now 100% disabled suffering from Major Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD. Please understand one thing; this website is so very difficult for me to do and I’m not good at expressing myself, so please bear with me.

As for the war, it’s still going on. I will never give up, never quit, and never abandon Mary for my sake. I am a good father and one day she will want me back! One day I hope to find a parental alienation law in our justice system that will stop this abuse and injustice!