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protein water


Nutritional Supplements for Sports Performance and Enhancement has grown exponentially over the past 10 years. With the advent of better manufacturing capabilities from key functional food suppliers, sports nutrition manufacturers are able to provider better supplements

However, where does this leave the consumer? Does a better supplement translate to tangible gains? Unsurprisingly NOT. We are still seeing the challenging claims of “gain 20lb of muscle in 78 seconds!” followed by images of bodies which allegedly take the supplements!

Luckily – the consumer is getting wiser! As more and more people take an interest in their health and fitness, people are becoming more aware of the supplements they take the results they observe.

Regardless of which sporting discipline you perform, a few key sports supplements can only but help in your goals – PROTEIN WATER SUPPLEMENTS, CARBOHYDRATE SUPPLEMENTS


PROTEIN and PROTEIN WATER SUPPLEMENTS! Probably the most important macronutrient for muscular growth and overall recovery capability. We at Ion-X have left no stone unturned when searching for the best dairy to provide us with top quality protein water. We spent many months reviewing and sampling various protein sources based on taste, mix ability, protein content and overall quality and firmly believes we have amongst the best protein powders in Australia!

We do not believe in complicating matters and so will only offer proteins that will actually provide tangible results from the efforts you put in the gym. So whether you need a fast acting protein or require a slow digesting amino acid source before bedtime; Ion-X can offer you the Protein Water Supplement solution!

protein water

We produced our own flavouring systems that are outstanding and fast becoming the preferred choice amongst protein regulars who prefer their protein flavoured! Don’t take our word for it though, obtains a sample for a nominal amount and we will even refund it once you place your first order with us!


Carbohydrates are the body’s primary fuel source. Taken before, during and after training carbohydrates provide an outstanding fuel source enabling you to perform to your best inside and out of the gym. They can be used as a slow acting energy source or as a fast acting post workout aid to recovery.

We have the highest quality carbohydrate supplement you can buy. So whether you are looking for a pre workout energy kick or a slow digesting energy source, we have what you need.

We, at Ion-X, provide the highest quality supplements within Australia and stock a range of Sports Nutrition Supplements. We purchase in large volumes and supply straight to YOU, the consumer – passing on the savings in the process [without all the middle men involved!]

So whether you are after PROTEIN WATER SUPPLEMENTS, Amino Acids, Creatine or general help and advice – Ion-X can help!