How Yloodrive Instructor Training will improve road safety

Driving Instructors

There are lots of reasons and excuses why an accident occurs. The end result is that the driver is usually responsible in some way. However if drivers have good concentration, observe and anticipate the actions of other road users then this will help them to stay alert and they will have more time to deal with hazards. By giving themselves “time” they will also be allowing for “other people’s errors”.

Yloodrive Driving Instructor Training Courses deal with the novice driver through to the more advanced. Our trainers are aware that chances are a novice driver will be involved in a road accident within their first year of passing the test, especially during the first six months. The courses are designed, not only to enable a provisional Instructor to qualify but also:

  1. Understand the legal requirements and responsibilities of supervising the learner driver
  2. Understand the role of the Driving Instructor
  3. Understand the role of the Driving Standards Agency and its examiners
  4. Know how to effectively encourage and support the “L” driver
  5. Gain experience in hazard awareness and perception to an advanced level

Driving Instructors

The above skills coupled with our bespoke Driver Training will undoubtedly contribute to the reduction in the 38,800 road user injuries each year which involve at least one driver with less than two years post-test experience.

Training to be a Yloodrive driving instructors is not just about the cheapest course, the job at the end, the earning potential, it’s also about learning to help young drivers (and old) understand the risks and responsibilities they are undertaking every time they get behind the wheel of the car. Yloodrive Instructor Trainers are passionate about providing professional instruction in the most effective way to help reduce the number of fatalities on our roads. If it’s your concern too then let Yloodrive train you to become the type of Instructor the DSA require.