Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Sales And Marketing Superhero?

I’ve got some great news for you that’s really going to help you all smash it up in 2011 and become the dominant Personal Training in Canary Wharf in the market. Fitness Marketing I’ve got a lot of time for and he has been working hard recently putting together 2 awesome resources for you. He is an awesome Marketer and a very successful Personal Trainer and you can learn a lot from him.

The first awesome resource is Website “Profit Marketing Solutions” which is literally bursting with new client getting ideas just waiting for you to put into action!  Check out the website here: Profit Marketing Solutions. To give you a taste of some of the great free content you can expect from Fitness Marketing Heroes you can read an excerpt from one of the posts below.

Top 10 Fitness Hero for the New Year

Hey everyone. Just wanted to throw this post together before everyone starts delving into the mince pies and maybe something to think about over the Christmas period before you start in the New Year. This is going to be a primary time to sign up new clients and if you set into place some special moves you’ll be well on your way to filling up your client base.

Remember, my aim is to get you to the point you’re doing the amount of hours you want, then optimizing the business so you’re making more money. Everyone has their own direction in this business, and let’s make 2011 your best ever year. You may have already implemented some of these tactics into your business which is great, if not they’re certainly ones to think about.

The Golden Envelope & Ticket

Every new client gets a special golden envelope when they sign up with you. If you work in a gym this sets you apart from the other trainers, simply because you become the person who hands out those ‘gold envelopes’ and nobody knows what’s in them. But what’s inside? Inside you can put whatever you fancy, but I’d go with something like a lottery ticket and three vouchers for free sessions with you for their friends (on a golden ticket). You can also add in some cinema tickets to the latest blockbuster. Remember the lifetime value of this customer to you. Make them feel super special and they’ll refer people to you like nobody’s business. Remember, people associate a golden ticket with Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. It makes people smile.

The List

Each new lead you get into the business needs to be added to a lead list. Whoever you speak to, get their details. A great way to do this is to A5 cards/sheets with your logo on and then put in a box, ‘What’s Your Biggest Question about Getting Fit?’ You can hand these out and they’re a great way to break the ice with people. Then they fill in their contact details and you get back to them with the answer within 24 hours. Book in time to explain the answer in more detail and then convert these like crazy. I use Weber to input/collect my emails – more videos etc. on how to use this service soon and how to optimize your results, but it’s really easy and the best investment you will ever make. Remember, the more people you have on your list the more money you will make as you can send out offers promotions and build a relationship. What’s more you don’t need to have a web site, just collect emails and put them into your list.

New Year Seminars

New Year is the perfect time to position yourself as the guru in your area. Simply advertise your seminar on a topic of your choice, and then give away free places. Run an hour long seminar building value, giving great content and at the end you can collect names and email addresses in return for a written version of the presentation and all of the notes and / or another free gift. Also, inform the visitors that you have limited free fitness sessions available and are on a first come first serve basis with an initial trial session. You’ll soon be filled with clients and this combined with the gold envelope trick will see you good for a while.