What is FLBC?

The FLBC program was designed by a group of personal trainers, to combine all the elements required to achieving our clients personal goals. These elements include:

The professionally designed workouts to challenge your individual fitness levels, Nutritional guidance to keep your body burning calories, Constant support and motivation to continually inspire you to achieve your goals, And education of healthy eating, and good exercise to assist in your everyday well-being.

Our Program

The Sevenhills Ambitions FLBC program is a results focused, and energetic fitness and fat loss workout program. A program that combines the latest science proven fat loss workouts, and nutritional guidance, with the feedback from our experienced and loyal boot campers that gives our clients the best workout, results and fitness experience. A program that includes motivation, support, accountability and the top training; all designed to get you the body that you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.

Every session is led by an expert, fully qualified, and experienced fitness instructor that will support you through the challenging, and fun workout, while making sure you burn maximum fat, in minimum time.

While you have the trainer motivating you to push to your potential, and get the best results, they are also there to modify the workout to your goals, and individual fitness level.

This program is not one-on-one personal training, the programs are done in a group setting, which makes them fun, motivating, inspiring, challenging AND means the cost is much more affordable in comparison to training with a personal trainer.