There’s no doubt that ranking higher in Google and other search engines is a must for every website. E-commerce SEO is all about making sure that your product pages appear among the top searches in Google. If your page number of ranking is higher, you will not get good traffic to your website.

Let’s talk about a few reasons why your e-commerce website doesn’t rank well:

Weak product descriptions

E-commerce websites have a large number of products and so, website owners write short product descriptions. Short descriptions give search engines very little content and even the users cannot understand the complete features of the product. It is a known fact that long descriptions perform better in search engines.

Some website owners use product descriptions that are provided by manufacturers. Generally, they are replicated from other websites and so, they fail to provide something unique to the search engines. Hence, you cannot expect your e-commerce store to rank your website above competitors.

One should ask Denver SEO consulting company if they can help with product descriptions. Usually, they have a team of expert copywriters who are expects with descriptions. It is important to avoid duplicate content and make sure that the web shop has high-quality descriptions.

Denver SEO consulting
Denver SEO consulting

Focusing heavily on keywords and not informational content

Your website content should be user-friendly and SEO friendly too. Do not make the mistake of choosing very competitive keywords if you are starting SEO on your website for the first time. Targeting low competition keywords can help you build a stronger reputation online. Talk to SEO consulting firms in Denver to help to select the best suitable keywords.

Be smart with your links

SEO is all about internal and external links. Links help to increase the credibility of your website and the chances of people finding your page would also increase. You should use landing pages to display promotions and offers to get the maximum exposure.

Blogger outreach is something you cannot ignore these days as it helps you build up external links. Talk to Denver SEO Consultant Company to plan an effective link building campaign.

Site structure

Your website structure affects your User experience (UX). The main aim of every website is to get actual visitors. It is important to ensure that your website structure is simple and easy to navigate. Every page on your eCommerce store should be just a few clicks from your home page.

Nobody likes to run around in circles to find what they are looking on once they land up to your website. The visitors should be able to reach the desired page with a minimum number of clicks.


SEO is a top priority for every e-commerce website. Website owners should hire the best seo agency to make sure that their business site ranks higher and drives a good number of visitors to their store.

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